THEY ARE COMING! S606, S607, S608.

“We keep moving forward”. So they are coming, our new updated RC vehicles, 1/24th Scale 4WD Brush Off-road racing series: Aftershock S606 buggy, Timeflys S607 Truggy, Green Thunder S608 Truck.

gptoys s606 gptoys s606 bottom gptoys s606 racing gptoys s606 flags

Do you feel guilty about having no time to accompany your children because of the busy work?

Have nowhere to release your pressure?


Do you want to get along well with your kids?


S606, S607, S608, are the members of family, also the affective hubs. By playing them with your children, it is a perfect way to release of your self-imposed shackles and bond with your children.

Off-road tires, metal differential gear, ball-bearing of the whole car, all three make it more stable, so its ability of climbing better than the others. Having the high speed of 27 km/h at the same time, they are the fearless leader along the way.

gptoys s607 rc truckgptoys s608 rc truck

Small and exquisite, water-resistant electronic board, both of them make it possible to run on the wet condition, on the wet grass, in the rain and etc.

Drift perfectly! Why? The reason is that it owns the better proportional steering engine, so the angle of the steering can be adjusted more subtle and accurate. It is non-slipping with the application of combined with four-wheel drive.

They can run wildly, mountain land, desert, grassland, dirt, anywhere you can think of.

Children can assemble the vehicle on their own initiative, DIY function of the vehicle is the reason. More and more people pay more attention to the early education; they think it is more important for children than before. Assembling the truck by themselves, it is also a way to help the children to develop their intellectual ability and hands-on ability.

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