How can I change GP TOYS S911 to S912

After the launch of GP TOYS S912, by following proper instructions and having the accessory kit, the S911 and S912 owners will be able to completely transformer between the two. This doesnt only creatses the opportunities for better understanding our products but also adds the option of having multiple car styles.
Here comes our instructions!

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How can I change S911 to S912? Please follow the steps below.

  1. Get the S912 accessory kit ready. The accessories include car body, tires, tail, body bracket, pins, screws, hex wretch and screwdriver (not included in the kit), which can be purchased on our selling platforms.
  2. Take S911 car body off by pulling out 4 pins on it. Please put the pins away.
  3. Use the hex wrench to loosen the screws in the middle of the tires. Take out S911 tires out of the car. Please put the tire screws away.
  4. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws of the front and rear body brackets.
  5. Put the tail in the correct location attached to the rear shock proof plank and fix the screws.
  6. Install S912 front and rear body brackets at the places where S911 brackets were. Fix the screws.
  7. Put the tires on the car and use the hex wrench to fix the tire screws.
  8. Put S912 car body on the car in the matched place. Push the pins into the fixed holes

Importantly, S912 can be changed to S911 as well. Related steps are same as above.

Our instruction video is available online. Please click here.

If there is any question for us, please contact with us via:

2 thoughts on “How can I change GP TOYS S911 to S912

  1. What you guys need to do is make a S912 to S911 conversion kit!

    I own a S912 and I want to convert my S912 to the S911.
    For a few reasons.

    For one the tires and rims on the S912 absolutely suck!! They’re too small they give no ground clearance and Zero shock absorption!!
    I usually run mine on my street in front of my house and my street is made out of brick not black top/asphalt or concrete so there’s a lot of bumps and variations in the surface. So the stock tires don’t work very well. When I purchased it I wasn’t aware of how small these tires were compared to the S911’s tires in thickness.
    The small tires cause the car to constantly bottom out and the underside of the frame is getting scratched all to hell.
    I even made some larger/thicker spacers for the shocks bc of the bouncing and bottoming out and it helped but not enough.
    So I had to buy another brand of rims and tires which gave me awesome ground clearance but the tires are less than half the width of the old tires. Which of course affects the stability and steering of it.
    So I’d like to get the thicker taller and tires of the S911. I think it would help A Lot!! Plus it would look a hell of a lot cooler!!!! Bc LOW PROFILE TIRES DO NOT LOOK COOL ON ANYTHING!!! Not to mention low profile tires do not belong on a RC Car!

    The second reason you need to offer a S912 to S911 conversion kit is, bc the body mounts on the S912 are way to small that you have zero adjustment to the height of them. You can see that someone actually cut the mounts on my brand new truggy before I even received it. Which really made me mad! (If I wanted them shorter I should of been given the CHOICE to cut them). But now I’m FORCED to keep it at one height bc there is only one adjustment hole instead of 4 or 5 holes its supposed to have.
    I know I can just purchase new body mounts but the point is I shouldn’t have too! There was no reason for someone to cut the mounts that came on the truggy. Its not like they were too long and wouldn’t fit. And I should not have to spend money to replace something that was Altered before I received it.

    The third reason is it would be nice just to be able to change the overall look of it once in awhile. Yeah I can buy a different color body if I wanted but it would be cool if we could change the body back and forth if one so had the desire to.

    Don’t get me wrong I love my S912 its really fun and I enjoy customizing it but our options for the customization are really limited at the moment!!! You don’t even offer a light kits or a brush less motor option for it. The truggy has so much potential but its not being utilized.

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