S911 Foxx and S912 Luctan are coming!

At the end of this month, Our new updated RC cars, S911 Foxx and S912 Luctan will be officially launched, coming with its brand new off-road style, fashionable outlook and improved accessory parts. It is no more a car model. S911 and S912 will definitely be new members of your great in-house games and outdoor excitement!

gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-01 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-02 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-03 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-04 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-05 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-06gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-10

Comparing with our existing version, our teams have made a great effort to achieve the latest concept of RC cars and realize the better and better ideas on the updated version.

gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-07 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-08 gptoys-s911-foxx-rc-truck-09

On the R/C car, there are places which have been added in order to distinguish our products from others. On the surface of the transmitter, the words of “GP TOYS” are added in the middle for easily recognizing our products. Within the car, the battery was reformed with the better packaging material, bearing the logo of “GP”. Importantly, the car body was highly improved and the related functions were strengthened in order to enable the car to have the steady and marvelous operation. At the bottom of the car, clear production description is presented to complete the whole instruction information of the car. On the hubs of the tires, we have added the yellow rings, which make the cars’ outlook more attractive.

gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-01 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-02  gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-04  gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-06 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-07 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-08 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-09 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-10 gptoys-s912-luctant-rc-truggy-11

On the package, we have made some improvements in order to present a more practical and nice window box. In the front of the box , we revised the MPH description into 33+, a more correct and typical standard. On the right side of the box, since the hubs are of yellow rings, we changed the car picture accordingly for indentifying purpose as well. Meanwhile, the correct description of all parts was added around the picture. On the back of the box, the layout was organized more reasonably. With regard to the content, instructions for removing the film on the car body, waterproof indication, charging warning and trimming methods were described in order. For the better guidance, all the pictures in the instruction were changed from the line graph to the exact photos. S911 Foxx and S912 Luctan are designed to be the more favorable gifts.



We are keeping moving forward. So do our products. With the purpose for providing our best items, we are working on it and waiting for your evaluation. Let’s look forward to our S911 foxx and S912 Luctan. They are coming to you!